Toward the Creation of Innovative Polymeric- and Bio-materials

2023.07.14 Update
Research Center for Macromolecules and Biomaterials conducts research and development of soft polymer materials that support the realization of a sustainable society and biomaterials that support the realization of a society of well-being. The main focus of the Research Center is to advance the research and development of polymers and biomaterials by promoting integrated research in a wide range of research areas, from precision synthesis of materials and manufacturing processes to medical and health care applications.


Figure. Schematic illustration of an adhesive that can be reused many times, even if it breaks during use, and can be reset and reused when its task is completed.
2023.06.14 Update #Press Release

Recyclable Photoreactive Adhesive

—Glue May Offer an Effective Means of Adhesion Underwater—

2023.04.28 Update #Press Release

Development of an AI-Based Mass Spectrometric Technique Capable of Determining the Monomeric Sequence of a Polymer

—Potentially Effective Tool in the Development, Recycling and Assessment of the Degradation of Materials—

2023.04.19 Update #Press Release

Extending the Life of a Lithium Metal Anode Using a Protective Layer Made of an Extremely Tough Gel Electrolyte

—Anode Protection May Significantly Increase Lithium Secondary Battery Energy Density—

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