Vol.2 No.11 <September>


2004.09.10 Published



Fabrication of Nano-Dendritic Structure with Branches under 3 nm
-Fabrication of novel nanostructure using electron beam-
New Analytical Method for Local Structure/ Surface State using Photoluminescence
Statistical Treatment of Corrosion Modes using CCD Laser Displacement Sensor
Synthesis of Cesium Titanate Single Crystal by Fused-Salt Electrolysis
-Treatment of radioactive waste by electrochemical method- NIMS NEWS


  • First Japan-UK Nanotechnology Summer School
  • Visit by South African Ambassador
  • Events Commemorating Completion of the Nano-Biomaterials Research Building
  • Reconsideration of GaAs Surface Structure
    -From proposal of a new structural model toward surface structure control-
  • NIMS to Expand Cooperation with Five Australian Universities
  • Science Camp 2004
  • Mini-Doc Course for Middle School Students
  • Reorganization of Five Administrative Offices at NIMS


Launch of New Venture Business NIMSWave

Hello from NIMS

Doing Research in Japan
Yarong Wang (China)
Research Fellow (Jun. 2001-present)
Eco-Energy Materials Group, Ecomaterials Center (EMC)
A Detailed Manual for Kindergarten Sports Festivals
Bong-Chull Kim (South Korea)
Research Fellow (Apr. 2004-Mar. 2007)
Soft Chemistry Research Group
Advanced Materials Laboratory (AML)

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