High-pressure synthesis of light lanthanide dodecaborides and valence fluctuation of cerium

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High-pressure synthesis methods offer an effective way to incorporate larger cations in the truncated octahedron cage in RB12. The valence fluctuation of cerium reduces the cationic radius and thus reduces the formation pressure.  The cage structure internally filling of valence shell of lanthanide ions exhibits a variety of physical properties in RB12. The synthesis of the unexplored lanthanide dodecaborides may open a way for the findings of their peculiar physical properties. Dr. Hitoshi YUSA (NIMS RFMC HPG), Prof. Fumitohi IGA (Ibaraki Univ.) and Dr. Hiroshi FUJIHISA (AIST) contributed this article.

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Title High-pressure synthesis of  light  lanthanide  dodecaborides (PrB12  and CeB12):  Effects  of valence fluctuation  on  volume and  formation  pressure
Journal Inorganic Chemistry
Date January 25, 2022
DOI 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.1c03525