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Start of NIMS Authorized Venture in Seattle in the United States

Established NIMBUS Technologies LLC

(2009.07.01 Update)

NIMS has certified NIMBUS Technologies LLC, which was launched in Seattle, Washington in the United States, as a NIMS authorized venture.

"NIMBUS Technologies, LLC.(The Kennedy Building #101)" Image

NIMBUS Technologies, LLC.(The Kennedy Building #101)

NIMS opened a NIMS Overseas Operation Office at the University of Washington in Seattle in April 2008 to promote joint research matched to demand in the United States (particularly in the Northwest), and at the same time, to further exchanges of researchers, students, and administrative staff. In order to develop businesses in the United States utilizing the results of research, etc., an American company, NIMBUS Technologies LLC, was established in June of this year by Dr. Kenji Kitamura, who is a NIMS Fellow, and David Bowes, who is CEO. The head office of the company is located in the Kennedy Building, #101, 4348 9th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA.

NIMBUS will be responsible for commercializing medical infrared light sources and terahertz light sources which are being developed jointly by NIMS, the University of Washington, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and development in the United States of businesses related to the NIMS venture companies Oxide Corporation and SWING, Ltd. It will also be responsible for various activities that can only be carried out by a company, such as applying to the United States government for funding, providing liaison to companies in the United States for the transfer of NIMS technologies, and the like, based on research and development by NIMS and the University of Washington.