Science and Technology of Advanced Materials: Methods

2023.04.01 Update

STAM Methods was launched in January 2021 as a sister magazine of STAM. It is an English language academic journal specializing in methods for accelerating materials research including materials informatics, machine learning, and high-throughput synthesis/characterization. STAM Methods is a gold open access journal like STAM, that can be read by anyone online.

Overview of STAM Methods

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials: Methods (STAM Methods) was launched in January 2021. The Editorial Committee of STAM Methods consists of 26 world-renowned experts from eight countries who are active in the field of data-methodology. The journal covers research fields related to materials data including methodologies, informatics, databases, and measurement instrumentation, and provides experts in these field with the world's first place to disseminate scientific information on their research on data science.
NIMS, the only research institute specializing in materials science in Japan, and Empa in Switzerland both support the publication and editing of open access journals that are free to view online. The copyright of articles published in STAM Methods is held by the authors with the application of the CC-BY of Creative Commons license to all publications.

Featured topics
- High throughput instrumentation, experiments, and calculation
- AI, machine learning, data-driven analysis
- Data mining, high throughput screening
- Computer systems and services
- Databases

Launched in 2021, Editor: Kazuhiro Hono
Online ISSN: 1878-5514

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