The Best Research Environment for Materials Research is Here

2023.04.01 Update
The Research Network and Facility Services Division of NIMS provides the world's best research environment for materials research.

A group of state-of-the-art materials evaluation equipment, a group of materials fabrication facilities including a clean room, unparalleled large facilities such as a 1,500-ton press, as well as user-friendly high-performance computing specialized to materials research, the world's largest high-quality materials databases, and a materials-dedicated Cloud platform with DX and AI capabilities are here. Our most important assets are our experts who can leverage these cutting-edge technologies and provide the best research support services in the world.

As a hub of the network, NIMS will continue to support materials research in industry and academia in Japan. In the Materials DX Platform Project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), NIMS contributes to the digital transformation in materials research throughout Japan as a Data Core Center, a Central Hub of Advanced Research Infrastructure for Materials and Nanotechnology (ARIM), and a core organization of the Data Transformation Initiative Subcommittee of R&D Projects for Materials-Data Creation & Utilization (DxMT).

We are making a great leap forward in materials research.

Please feel free to consult with our Research Network and Facility Services Division.


Novel two-step thermal aging schedule (right) designed by the materials research team with the assistance of AI tools
2023.09.25 Update #Press Release

Increasing High-Temperature Strength of Materials Through Collaborative Efforts of AI and Materials Researchers

—Optimizing Thermal Aging Schedules by Analyzing the Unconventional AI-driven Outcomes—

2019.05.22 Update #Press Release

Nanoscale Visualization of the Distribution and Optical Behavior of dopant in GaN

—Significant Advances in the Understanding of P-Type GaN Semiconductor Formation Mechanisms and Techniques Enabling Mass Production of GaN Devices—

2017.08.29 Update #Press Release

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