Vol.2 No.14 <December>


2004.12.10 Published



NIMS/Institute for Scientific and Technologicall Research of San Luis Potosi (IPICyT)
B-C-N Nanotubes
NIMS / Institute of Biomaterials Research & Development,Kyungpook National University
Development of Titanium Surface Treatment Technology in Aqueous Solution
NIMS/The University of Queensland
Influence of Nanodomain on Properties of CeO2-based Solid Electrolyte for Fuel Cells Applications
NIMS/National Environmental Engineering Research Institute(NEERI)
Development of Multi-functional Photocatalysts and Their Potential Application to Air Purification


  • MOU with Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Poland
  • MOU with Institute for Problems of Materials Science, Ukraine

Introduction of New Fellows

  • Dr. Yoshio Bando
  • Dr. Kazuhiro Hono
  • Dr. Akiji Yamamoto

Hello from NIMS

Paul Reay (RIKEN GSC Protein Research Group)
Visiting Researcher (Apr. 2004 - May. 2005)
Magnet Development Group
High Magnetic Field Center (Tsukuba Magnet Laboratory)

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