* Information of winners are the one at the time.


2008 Fall MRS Meeting Best Poster Award

Naoki FUKATA  (Independent Scientist, MANA)


The 25th International Korea-Japan Seminar on Ceramics

Young Ceramist Best Presentation Award 2007

Yutaka ADACHI (Senior Researcher, Optoronic Materials Center)


Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine International Society Best Travel Award

Adipogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal stem cells on Micropatterned Polymer Surfaces

Naoki KAWAZOE (Researcher, Biomaterials Center)


2008 International Workshop on Dielectric Thin Films for Future ULSI Devices Science and Technology IWDTF Young Researcher Award

Jun CHEN (NIMS Postdoctoral Researcher, Advanced Electric Materials Center)


20th Korea-Japan Joint Forum on Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics 2008 Poster Award

Takeshi YASUDA (Senior Researcher, Innovative Materials Engineering Laboratory)


ICMR Summer School on Multiferroics and Beyond Best Poster Prize

Makoto TACHIBANA (Superconducting Materials Center)


E-MRS 2008 Spring Meeting Best Poster Award

Takeshi NAKANISHI (Senior Researcher, Organic Nanomaterials Center)


2nd conference on New Diamond & Nano Carbons OUTSTANDING POSTER AWARD

Devices design in solar-blind diamond photodetectors

Liao MEIYONG (Senior Researcher, Sensor Materials Center)


Asian Excellent Young Researcher Lectureship Award, 2008

Ajayan VINU (Independent Scientist, MANA)


Electric Letters "Letter of the Month"

640 Gbit/s clock recovery using periodically poled lithium niobate

Sunao KURIMURA (Senior Researcher, Optoronic Materials Center)


2008 Khwarizmi International Award, Iranian Top Science Prize for the year 2008

Ajayan VINU (Independent Scientist, MANA)


2007 MRS Fall Meeting-Outstanding symposium Paper

Structure fo shear bands in Pd40Ni40P20 bulk metallic glass

Y. M. Chen (NIMS Junior Researcher, Magnetic Materials Center)
Tadakatsu OKUBO (Group Leader, Magnetic Materials Center)
Toshiji MUKAI (Group Leader, Structural Metals Center)
Kazuhiro HONO (Managing Director, Magnetic Materials Center)