CNRS - Saint Gobain- NIMS

2018.04.19 Update

The UMI 3629 LINK is an International Mixed Unit established in 2014 at NIMS in partnership between CNRS, Saint-Gobain and NIMS. This new international research unit is the 1st international chemistry laboratory created in Japan representing an innovative academic and industrial collaboration model among highly talented international researchers. Research activities at LINK include the creation and synthesis of novel materials, the innovative refining processes and the fine characterization of physical and chemical properties.


This project, started in 2012, relies on the strong relationship between Japan and France.

The involved partners developed a long term bilateral relationship before to join their efforts to create LINK.
(i) Saint-Gobain and NIMS (since 2008, x articles and x joint patent applications and x workshops organized in common),
(ii) CNRS and NIMS (since 2004, 2 MOU and 1 CCA signed) and
(iii) ISCR at The University of Rennes 1 and NIMS (since 2001, 1 MOU, 1 CCA and 1 ICGP signed, more than 30 articles published and 5 workshops organized in common).

The institute ICSR (UMR 6226 CNRS-UR1) at the University of Rennes 1 was selected as first mirror unit in France for LINK.

Missions and Projects of LINK

Its main missions consist of setting up joint research projects with researchers of multicultural background, reinforcing relationship between academic and industrial communities, stimulating participation in calls for joint projects, and educate and support career development of young researchers.

Activities 2017


Seminar and Event


Tetsuo UCHIKOSHI: Group Leader, Fine Particles Engineering Group, RCFM, NIMS


David LECHEVALIER: Saint-Gobain

Masayoshi HIGUCHI: Group Leader, Electronic Functional Macromolecules Group, RCFM, NIMS
Takao MORI: Group Leader, Thermal Energy Materials group, Principal Investigator, MANA
Naoki OHASHI: Director, Research Center for Functional Materials, NIMS
Isao OHKUBO: Principal Researcher, Thermal Energy Materials Group, MANA
Yoshiki WADA: Special Researcher, RCFM, NIMS

【Post-Doc Researcher】
Wanghwui CHEN
Quansheng Guo

【PhD Students】
Kevin GUY (UR1) in France
Maxence WILMET (ANRT) in France

【Administrative staff】
Megumi KIWAMOTO (Ms): Coordinator, Academic Collaboration Office, NIMS
Katsumi MURAMATSU: Coordinator, Research Collaboration Office, NIMS
Akane SHIGEMURA (Ms): Assistant, Saint-Gobain
Yoko WATANABE (Ms): Secretary, Saint-Gobain

【Former Members】
Mari KONO (Director)
Benjamin DIERRE (Researcher)  
Norio SAITO (PhD and Post-doc researcher)