News 2017

The 28th tsukuba prize prize-giving ceremony held at tsukuba international congress center (epochal tsukuba)

The 28th Tsukuba Prize honorable certificate and medal were awarded by Leo Esaki, the Chairman of The Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki, and the cash prize was given by Mr. Kazuhiko Oigawa, Ibaraki prefectural governor to Dr. Kazuya Terabe (NIMS/MANA), Prof. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa (Waseda University) and Prof. Masakazu Aono (NIMS/MANA). Dr. Terabe gave a commemorative lecture titled 'Invention of Atomic Switch and Research for Practical Use'.

Dr. Terabe, mana pi, Dr. Aono, executive advisor and prof. hasegawa of waseda university to win the tsukuba prize 2017

The Science and Technology Promotion Foundation of Ibaraki (Director: Leo Esaki) announced that it will award the Tsukuba Prize 2017 to Dr. Terabe, MANA Principal Investigator, Dr. Masakazu Aono, Executive Advisor of MANA, and Prof. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa of the Waseda University. The invention of the Atomic Switch and research on its practical application have been highly valued, leading to winning the Tsukuba Prize 2017. The Award Ceremony will be held on November 21, 2017 in Tsukuba, Ibaraki.

Professor FREDRIK LAURELL, KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY paid a visit to our laboratories

Nanoionic Devices Group was visited by Prof. Fredrik Laurell from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Dr. Terabe hosted a lab tour.

Dr. Kim farewell party - 2017.06.14
Farewell party given for NIMS Special researcher Dr. song-ju kim

A farewell party was held for Dr. Kim, who spent 4 years in our group. Dr. Kim will assume a position at Keio University from July 1.

Dr. Kim farewell party - 2017.06.14
An international symposium was held to celebrate the practical use of the ‘Atomic Switch’, which fundamentally reverses the concept of computer electronics.

The Atomic Switch is expected to exceed the technical limitations of semiconductor devices. We gave an introduction to the transitional process the ‘Atomic Switch’ has followed over the past dozen years, from its invention to its practical application, and presented the future perspective for the realization of brain-like computers.

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Professor Mitsuhiro Katayama, Osaka University paid a visit to our laboratories.

MANA was visited by Prof. Katayama from the Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Osaka University. Dr. Terabe, Dr. Tsuruoka and Dr. Tsuchiya hosted a lab tour.

Ad Hoc Workshop

Dr. Tsuchiya gave an invited talk, about nanoionic devices, at an Ad Hoc Workshop held at Tokyo University.

Paper published in Advanced Functional Materials Online

A paper on the quantized conductance of polymer-based atomic switches was published online in Advanced Functional Materials.

Review paper published in the Journal of Electroceramics online

Illustration from review paper published in the Journal of Electroceramics online