Publications - 2022

  • Review Paper

    Nanoarchitectonics Intelligence with atomic switch and neuromorphic network system

    T. Tsuchiya, T. Nakayhama, and K. Ariga : Appl. Phys. Express. 15 [10] 100101 (2022)

  • A Variety of Functional Devices Realized by Ionic Nanoarchitectonics, Complementing Electronics Components

    K. Terabe,  T. Tsuchiya, and T. Tsuruoka : Adv. Electron. Mater. 8 [8] 2100645 (2022)

  • Quantum conductance in memristive devices: fundamentals, developments, and applications

    G. Milano, M. Aono, L. Boarino, U. Celano, T. Hasegawa, M. Kozicki, S. Majumdar, M. Menghini, E. Miranda, C. Ricciardi,                        S. Tappertzhofen, K. Terabe, and I. Valov : Adv. Mater. 34 [32] 2201248 (2022)

  • Atomic scale switches based on solid state ionics

    K. Terabe, T. Tsuchiya, and T. Tsuruoka: Adv. Phys.: X. 7 [1], 2065217 (2022)

  • Solid state ionics for the development of artificial intelligence components

    K. Terabe, T. Tsuchiya,  and T. Tsuruoka: 2022 Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 61, SM0803

  • books

    Ionic Nanoarchitectonics for Artificial Intelligence Devices

    K. Terabe, T. Tsuruoka, T. Tsuchiya, and T. Hasegawa : Memristor Computing Systems, pp 191-218 (Springer 2022)

  • Ionic Nanoarchitectonics: Creation of Polymer-Based Atomic Switch and Decision-Making Device

    K. Terabe, T. Tsuruoka, and T. Tsuchiya : System-Materials Nanoarchitecnotnics , pp 113-126 (Springer 2022)

  • Operating Mechanism and Resistive Switching Characteristics of Two- and Three-Terminal Atomic Switches Using a Thin Metal Oxide Layer

    T. Tsuruoka; T. Hasegawa, K. Terabe, and M. Aono : Resistive Switching: Oxide Materials, Mechanisms, Devices and Operations, pp 209-234 (Springer 2022)

  • introductory article

    Edge Detection Based on Materials-Intrinsic Properties - Ionic devices that mimic lateral inhibition of retinal neurons

    X. Wan, T. Tsuruoka, and K. Terabe : System-Materials Nanoarchitecnotnics, Jpn. J. Opt., 51, 284 (26) 2022

  • Papers

    Edge-Of-Chaos Learning Achieved by Ion-Electron Coupled Dynamics in an Ion-Gating Reservoir

    D. Nishioka, T. Tsuchiya, W. Namiki, M. Takayanagi, M. Imura, Y. Koide, T. Higuchi, and K. Terabe : Sci. Adv. 8, eade1156(2022)
    doi: 10.1039/d2tc00771a

  • Quantized Conductance Behaviour Observed in an Atomic Switch using Triptycene-based Polymer

    S. Mallik, P. Priyadarshani Samal, A. Mahapatra, I. Pradhan, M. Ansari, N. Das, P. Mishra, T. Tsuruoka, K. Terabe, and A. Nayak: 2022 J. Mater. Chem. C: 2022, 10, 13225 doi: 10.1039/d2tc00771a

  • In situ manipulation of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in half-metallic NiCo2O4 thin film by proton insertion

    T. Wada, W. Namiki, T. Tsuchiya*, D. Kan, Y. Shimakawa, T. Higuchi, and K. Terabe: 2022 Jpn. J. of Appl. Phys. 62 SM1002

  • Electrochemical control and protonation of the strontium iron oxide SrFeOy by using proton-conducting electrolyte

    Y. Isoda, D. Kan*, Y. Ogura, T. Majima, T. Tsuchiya, and Y. Shimakawa: Appl. Phys. Lett. 120, 091601, 2022

  • Effects of Oxygen Partial Pressure and Substrate Temperature on the Structure and Morphology of Sc and Y Co-Doped ZrO2 Solid Electrolyte Thin Films Prepared via Pulsed Laser Deposition

    J. R. Rabo, M. Takayanagi, T. Tsuchiya, H. Nakajima, K. Terabe, and R. B. M. Cervera: Materials. 15 [2] 2022

  • A floating gate negative capacitance MoS2 phototransistor with high photosensitivity

    R. Nur, T. Tsuchiya, K. Toprasertpong, K. Terabe, S. Takagi, and M. Takenaka: Nanoscale, 2022 doi: 10.1039/d1nr06315d