News 2018

"Ionic decision-maker" is featured in MANA research Highlights

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A trainee Mr. motohashi leaves nims after undergoing 4 week internship program

On November 1, Mr. Motohashi from Tohoku University joined our group to spend 4 weeks under the NIMS Internship Program. Working under the direction of Dr. Tsuchiya, Mr. Motohashi remarkably improved his laboratory skills.

A trainee Miss Samapika Mallik leaves nims

Miss Samapika Mallik, who spent 2 months in NIMS, went back to India. She gained a lot of valuable experiences under the guidance of Dr. Tsuruoka.

welcoming trainees miss samapika mallik and mr. nishioka to our group

We had a welcome party for Miss Samapika Mallik from Indian Institute of Technology Patna, who joined our group early September, and Mr. Daiki Nishioka from Tokyo University of Science, who will join our group early October.

A symposium was held at the 79th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2018 in Nagoya

class="demo1 btn btn-success" target="_blank">Through a symposium entitled 'Solid state ionics devices for a super smart society - From fundamentals to applications in ICT, AI and energy devices', we introduced the concept that further R&D activities are important for both electronics devices and solid state ionics devices, in support of the advanced information society that is expected to be realized.

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PRESS RELEASE: invention of ionic decision-maker capable of self-learning

We have invented an ionic device, termed as ionic decision-maker, capable of quickly making its own decisions based on previous experience using changes in ionic/molecular concentrations. We then succeeded in demonstrating its operation. Articles appeared in NIKKEI SHIMBUN (Science Agora), NIKKEI SANGYO SIMBUN, NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN and KAGAKU KOGYO NIPPO.

Prof. Guo and Assoc Prof. Rui Yang from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) visit our group

Assoc Prof. Rui Yang, a MANA Alumna who worked under Dr. Terabe, came to visit our group accompanying Prof. Xin Guo. They gave lectures at the 623rd MANA Seminar, followed by discussions and lab tours.

postdoctoral researcher Dr. Elissaios leaves NIMS

Dr. Verveniotis, who spent 4 years in NIMS will assume a position at Micron Memory Japan in Hiroshima, from May 16.

Graduate student Mr. Manikandan Jayabalan leaves NIMS

Mr. Jayabalan, who spent 1 year in NIMS under the International Cooperative Graduate Program, went back to Anna University, India.