Publications - 2018

  • Papers

    Ionic Decision-maker Created as Novel, Solid-state Devices

    T. Tsuchiya, T. Tsuruoka, K. Song-Ju, K. Terabe, and M. Aono: Sci Adv., 4: eaau2057 (2018)

  • Nanoarchitectonics for controlling the number of dopant atoms in solid electrolyte nanodots

    A. Nayak, S. Unayama, S. Tai, T. Tsuruoka, R. Waser, M. Aono, I. Valov, and T. Hasegawa: Adv. Mater., 30 1703261 (2018)

  • Mesoporous fullerene C70 cubes with highly crystalline framework toward unusual photoluminescence properties

    P. Bairi, T. Tsuruoka, S. Acharya, Q. Ji, J. P. Hill, Y. Yamauchi, K. Ariga, and L. K. Shresta: Mater. Horiz., 5 285 (2018)

  • Development of a molecular gap-type atomic switch and its stochastic operation

    C. Arima, A. Suzuki, A. Kasai, T. Tsuruoka, and T. Hasegawa: J. Appl. Phys.., 124 152114 (2018)

  • Oxygen vacancy drift controlled three-terminal ReRAM with a reduction in operating gate bias and gate leakage current

    Q. Wang, Y. Itoh, T. Tsuruoka, M. Aono, H. Deyan, and T. Hasegawa: Solid State Ionics.., 328 30 (2018)

  • Effects of Moisture and Redox Reactions in ECM and VCM Resistive Switching Memories

    I. Valov, and T. Tsuruoka: J. Phys. D., 51 413001 (2018)

  • Surface Electronic Structure of Post-Annealed La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 Epitaxial Thin Films on SrTiO3(100)

    K. Kawamura, T. Tsuchiya, M. Takayanagi, W. Namiki, K. Terabe, and T. Higuchi: Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Jpn, 43, 179-182(2018)

  • Anomalous Electron Conduction of Nd0.6Sr0.4FeO3-δ Thin Film with Lattice Distortion and Oxygen Vacancies

    W. Namiki, T. Tsuchiya, M. Takayanagi, K. Kawamura, T. Kawaguchi, and T. Higuchi: Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Jpn, 43, 175-178(2018)

  • Thermally stable resistive switching of a polyvinyl alcohol-based atomic switch

    K. Krishnan, M. Aono, and T. Tsuruoka: J. Mater. Chem. C., 6, 6460 (2018)

  • Neuromorphic Transistor Achieved by Redox Reaction of WO3 Thin Film

    T. Tsuchiya, M. Jayabalan, K. Kawamura, M. Takayanagi, T. Higuchi, R. Jayavel, and K. Terabe : Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 57, 04FK0 (2018)

  • Correlated Metal SrVO3 Based All-Solid-State Redox Transistors Achieved by Li+ or H+ Transport

    M. Takayanagi, T. Tsuchiya, W. Namiki, T. Higuchi, K. Terabe : J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 87 [3] 034802-1 (2018)

  • Electron-Ion Mixed Conduction of Amorphous WO3-x Thin Film Probed by Soft-X-Ray Spectroscopy

    T. Sugimoto, K. Kawamura, T. Kawaguchi, T. Tsuchiya, C. Kudo, T. Higuchi : Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Japan, 43, 101-104 (2018)

  • Unexpected Metal-Insulator Transition in Thick Ca1-xSrxVO3 Film on SrTiO3 (100) Single Crystal

    M. Takayanagi, T. Tsuchiya, W. Namiki, S. Ueda, M. Minohara, K. Horiba, H. Kumigashira, K. Terabe, T. Higuchi : Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 133106 (2018)

  • The rate limiting process and its activation energy in the forming process of a Cu/Ta2O5/Pt gapless-type atomic switch

    Y. Shigeoka, T. Tsuruoka, T. Hasegawa : Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 57, 035202 (2018)

  • Reviews

    The 28th Tsukuba Prize - Invention of Atomic Switch and Research for Practical Use

    K. Terabe, T. Hasegawa, and M. Aono: SAT(Science Academy of Tsukuba), No.33, March (2018)

  • Books

    Photon Emission from the Scanning Tunneling Microscope (Compendium of Surface and Interface Analysis)

    M. Sakurai, pp 477-485 , Feb. (2018)