News 2020

small farewell ceremony was held to say goodbye to Jennet.

On December 28 , 2020, a small farewell ceremony was held for Jennet, who is going back to the Philippines after spending 11 months as our group member.

memrisys online mini-conference 2020 was held.

On November 18, 2020, MEMRISYS Online Mini-Conference 2020 was held. Invited talks were given by the 13 world-leading researchers specialized in Memristor related devices. The number of registered participants was 319 from 29 countries/regions throughout the world. Recorded lectures were viewed as on demand videos on the following day, November 19, 2020.

kazuya terabe mana principal investigator receives the 2020 SSDM Award

The 2020 SSDM Award was presented at SSDM 2020, which was held online from September 27 to 30, 2020. Prof. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa/Waseda University, Terabe Kazuya/MANA Principal investigator, Tomonobu Nakayama/MANA Principal Investigator, and Masakazu Aono/MANA Executive Advisor were chosen as this year's recipients, in recognition of their research work 'Quantum Point Contact Switch using Solid Electrochemical Reaction', which was presented at the 33rd SSDM held in 2001, and for their contributions to academic and industrial development.

dr. yuan, who spent 1 year in NIMS, will asuume a position at Nagoya University in Aichi, from October 1.

14th JSAP Fellow award recipient  

The Japan Society of Applied Physics (JASP) has bestowed upon Dr. Terabe the honorary title of JSAP Fellow, in recognition of his contributions to the development of applied physics.  Dr. Terabe  received the award at the 81st JSAP Autumn  Meeting 2020 , which was held online from September 8 - 11, 2020.  All the group members helped Dr. Terabe to celebrate his receipt of this prestigious award!    

A commentary ARTICLE APPERAED IN THE Journal of the surface finishing society of japan (vol. 71, issue 7 /july 2020 )

A commentary article entitled "Ionic Decision-maker for Solving Multi-armed Bandit Problems" appeared in the Journal of the Surface Finishing Society of Japan, which is a periodical publication issued by the Surface Finishing Society of Japan (SFSJ).

best wishes to three departing group members 

Dr. Su, who spent 2 years and 4 months at NIMS will assume a position at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. Mr. Etoh and Mr. Kitagawa, who spend two and a half years as NIMS Junior Researchers, left NIMS to take up new positions. Good luck from all of us!