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Quantum Materials Field Director: Naoki Fukata

Contributing to Quantum Technology Research through Quantum-Architectonics

- Accelerating Quantum Research through the Development of Novel Quantum Materials and Exploration of New Phenomena -

Our research contributes to quantum technology by introducing a new concept of quantum-architectonics, which aims to integrate and systematize low-dimensional nanomaterials that control the particle-like and wave-like nature of matter and fields. By leveraging nanotechnology for material synthesis, fusion/junction of heterogeneous nanomaterials, and precision engineering for dimensional control, we develop novel quantum materials. Using ultra-low-temperature evaluation techniques, theoretical computation, and information technology, we explore new phenomena and aim to manifest functions through diverse system nanotechnologies, thereby establishing a foundational research infrastructure for quantum research.

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  • Nanostructured Semiconducting Materials Group

  • Frontier Superconducting Materials Group

  • Quantum Solid State Materials Group

  • Quantum Device Engineering Group

  • 2D Quantum Materials Group

  • Surface Quantum Phase Materials Group

  • Quantum Material Properties Group

  • Quantum Materials Modeling Group

  • Quantum Materials Simulation Group

  • Topological Quantum Materials Theory Group

  • Photonics Nano-Engineering Group

  • Thin Film Electronics Group

  • Qubit Materials Group

  • Ionic Devices Group

  • Neuromorphic Devices Group

  • Smart Interface Team
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