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Alumni is the social network for NIMS researchers, students, and office workers

NIMS Alumni Network is the social network system for NIMS Researchers, students, and office workers including personal assistants who have been working for NIMS. This network system was developed to provide the further opportunities for collaborative research and recruitment by maintaining the connection between NIMS workers.
On the site, you can register your information in the account and update your professional career as well as the academic background. The Alumni member's opened information can be viewed and you can directly send a message if the members' address is open for public. Also you can apply for the certificate of enrollment thorough the Alumni Network.

In order to use this site, you must first apply for registration and be authenticated by the site administrator. Please sign up the Alumni network to expand your future possibilities.

NIMS Alumni Network

No registration fee required. You can apply for registration here.


Please contact NIMS Alumni Network for more information.