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Synthesis of a New Lean Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Compound Superior to Nd2Fe14B
2014.10.20 UpdateNEWPress Release

Synthesis of a New Lean Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Compound Superior to Nd2Fe14B

A research group led by Dr. Kazuhiro Hono at NIMS in Tsukuba, Japan, synthesized a new magnetic compound, which requires a lesser amount of rare earth element than the currently used neodymium iron boron compound. [ more ]

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2014.09.09 UpdatePress Release

Succeeded in Fabricating Many Single-Photon Sources in Solid Matter that Emit Identical Photons

A breakthrough achieved in quantum information processing using state-of-the-art diamond growth technology

2014.09.01 UpdatePress Release

Development of Algorithm for Accurate Calculation of Average Distance Travelled by Low-Speed Electrons without Energy Loss that Are Sensitive to Surface Structure

High accuracy achieved in the measurement and analysis of nanosurface materials

2014.08.28 UpdatePress Release

Basic Properties of Widely Used Piezoelectrics Successfully Measured

60-year-old problem solved, opening the way to develop new lead-free piezoelectrics

2014.07.15 UpdatePress Release

Growth of Oxide Crystal Thin Film on a Glass Substrate with Quality Comparable to on a Single-crystal Substrate

Lateral crystal growth using oxide nanosheets as seed crystals

2014.07.10 UpdatePress Release

Success in Intracellular Imaging of Cesium Distribution in Plants Used for Cesium Absorption

Anticipated for applications in the development of "superplants" for radiocesium decontamination

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