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An Ultra-Bright and Highly Coherent Electron Source Developed to Improve the Performance of Electron-Beam Analytical Instrument
2016.01.22 UpdatePress Release

An Ultra-Bright and Highly Coherent Electron Source Developed to Improve the Performance of Electron-Beam Analytical Instrument

—100 Times Brighter Than Current Electron Sources and Paving the Way for the Development of the Next-Generation Electron Microscopes—

A NIMS research team developed technology to fabricate lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) single-crystal nanowires, a promising cold field-emission electron source for electron microscopes and other devices, and thereby improved the per... [ more ]

2016.01.13 UpdatePress Release

High-Quality Mono-Silicon Crystal Grown at Low Cost for Solar Cells

—New Casting Method May Facilitate the Return of a Market-Competitive Solar Cell Industry—

2016.01.13 UpdatePress Release

Strongest Ever Spin-Phonon Coupling Observed

—The Study May Contribute to the Development of High-Performance Functional Materials in Information & Communication and Electronics—

2016.01.13 Update Press Release

High-Speed Transistor Channel Developed Using a Core-Shell Nanowire Structure

—Significant Step Toward the Realization of Three-Dimensional Transistors Capable of High Integration Faster Than Conventional Transistors—

2016.01.01 Update News Archive

Notification of Inauguration of the New President

Kazuhito Hashimoto has assumed office as president

2015.12.18 Update Press Release

Major Step toward Confirming the Existence of the Majorana Particle, a Peculiar Fermion Equivalent to Its Own Antiparticle, in Materials

Impact to the Realization of Quantum Computers and Other Innovations

2015.11.13 Update Press Release

High Durability and Efficiency of 1 cm2 Size Perovskite Solar Cells

The Cells have passed 1,000 Hours of Light Soaking (AM 1.5G, 100 mW/cm2) test, A Major Step Forward to Practical Application

2015.11.02 Update Press Release

High-Quality Perovskite Materials Developed Capable of Utilizing Long-Wavelength Sunlight

Moving toward the Realization of Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Solar Cells

2015.10.27 Update News Archive

The 1st NIMS-IMRE Workshop is held at NIMS

2015.10.23 Update Press Release

Treating Pulmonary Diseases Using Alaska Pollock Gelatin

Development of Strong Sealant That Remains Liquid at Room Temperature and Helps Shorten Surgical Operations

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