NIMS Forum 2015 (October 7th, 2015 at Tokyo International Forum)
  • NIMS Forum 2015 (October 7th, 2015 at Tokyo International Forum)

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Electron partitioning process in graphene observed, a world first
2015.10.01 UpdateNEWPress Release

Electron partitioning process in graphene observed, a world first

Toward the realization of electron interferometer devices which utilize the wave nature of electrons

A group of researchers from Osaka University, The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and the National Institute for Materials Science precisely conducted current-fluctuation (“shot noise”) measurement in the graphene p–n junction in the... [ more ]

2015.09.18 UpdatePress Release

Discovery of a New Photonic Crystal where Light Propagates through the Surface without being Scattered

Achievable Even by Silicone Alone; Developments of New Functions through Integration with Semiconductor Electronics

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2015.09.11 UpdatePress Release

Identification of Atomic Species at the Surface of Anatase Titanium Dioxide by Scanning Probe Microscopy

The Study Contributes to Formulating Novel Approaches for the Development of Photocatalysts and Solar Energy Conversion Materials

2015.09.02 UpdatePress Release

A New Materials Research Hub Established for Promoting Research from the Perspective of Data Science

“Materials research by Information Integration” Initiative (MI2I)

2015.09.01 UpdatePress Release

Manipulating the Rotational Direction of Artificial Molecular Motors Using Supramolecules

Pioneering Mass Production of Versatile Nanomachines

2015.08.28 UpdatePress Release

Motion of Supramolecular Machines Successfully Controlled through Simple Mechanical Manipulation

Interface Technology Capable of Manipulating Molecules by Hand Movement

2015.08.28 UpdatePress Release

Development of Growth Factor-Free Tissue Adhesive Porous Films Singularly Capable of Promoting Angiogenesis

Technology May Contribute to Medical Cost Reduction Making Expensive Growth Factors-Free

2015.08.25 UpdatePress Release

Single-Crystal Phosphors Suitable for Ultra-Bright, High-Power White Light Sources

-Highly promising for ultra-bright lighting products such as laser headlights-

2015.08.19 UpdatePress Release

Decision Making by Single Photons

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