The 12th GREEN Symposium (January 14th, 2016)
  • The 12th GREEN Symposium (January 14th, 2016)

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High Durability and Efficiency of 1 cm2 Size Perovskite Solar Cells
2015.11.13 UpdatePress Release

High Durability and Efficiency of 1 cm2 Size Perovskite Solar Cells

The Cells have passed 1,000 Hours of Light Soaking (AM 1.5G, 100 mW/cm2) test, A Major Step Forward to Practical Application

2015.11.02 UpdatePress Release

High-Quality Perovskite Materials Developed Capable of Utilizing Long-Wavelength Sunlight

Moving toward the Realization of Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Solar Cells

2015.10.27 UpdateNews Archive

The 1st NIMS-IMRE Workshop is held at NIMS

2015.10.23 Update Press Release

Treating Pulmonary Diseases Using Alaska Pollock Gelatin

Development of Strong Sealant That Remains Liquid at Room Temperature and Helps Shorten Surgical Operations

2015.10.13 Update Press Release

MSS Alliance Launched to Set De Facto Standard for Odor-Sensing Systems

—Aiming to establish basic elements of MSS technology towards practical use—

2015.10.01 Update Press Release

Electron partitioning process in graphene observed, a world first

Toward the realization of electron interferometer devices which utilize the wave nature of electrons

2015.09.18 Update Press Release

Discovery of a New Photonic Crystal where Light Propagates through the Surface without being Scattered

Achievable Even by Silicone Alone; Developments of New Functions through Integration with Semiconductor Electronics

2015.09.11 Update Press Release

Identification of Atomic Species at the Surface of Anatase Titanium Dioxide by Scanning Probe Microscopy

The Study Contributes to Formulating Novel Approaches for the Development of Photocatalysts and Solar Energy Conversion Materials

2015.09.02 Update Press Release

A New Materials Research Hub Established for Promoting Research from the Perspective of Data Science

“Materials research by Information Integration” Initiative (MI2I)

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