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Nanomaterials Field Director: Takao Mori

Creating new materials and eliciting novel functions by sophisticated control of compositions and structures at the nano level

Leveraging Chemical Synthesis Techniques to Create Novel Nanomaterials

We are pursuing researches across a wide range of material systems, with the aim of discovering novel properties and phenomena that emerge from the nanometer size and shape, and significantly enhancing their functions. We develop and possess cutting-edge evaluation equipment, performing in-situ analysis of individual nanomaterials. Furthermore, we are advancing our research in Chemical Nano-Meso Architectonics, aiming to contribute to the development across a wide range of technological fields.

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  • Thermal Energy Materials Group

  • Soft Chemistry Group

  • Functional Nanomaterials Group

  • Layered Nanochemistry Group

  • Frontier Molecules Group

  • Functional Chromophores Group

  • Supermolecules Group

  • Nanoparticle Group

  • High-Pressure Structural Controls Group

  • ElectroActive Materials Team

  • Optical Nanostructure Team

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