MANA E-BULLETIN vol.13 [July 2021]


[ Vol. 68 ]
New GaN MEMS Resonator is Temperature-Stable up to 600 K

A team at MANA has demonstrated a highly temperature-stable GaN resonator that boasts high-frequency stability, high Q factor and the potential for large-scale integration with silicon technology.

[ Vol. 69 ]
Direct Growth of Germanene Marks a Major Step for Electronic Device Fabrication

A team at MANA has succeeded in the direct growth of h-BN-capped germanene on the surface of silver Ag(111). They believe this could be a promising technique for the fabrication of germanene-based electronic devices in the future.

[ Vol. 70 ]
Flexible Patterning on Liquid Marble Droplets

A team at MANA has created flexible patterning of functional particles on liquid marble droplet surfaces in a patchwork design. Their results show that these droplets can switch their macroscopic behavior between a stable and an active state on super-repellent surfaces in situ by jamming and unjamming the surface particles.