Careers Paths at MANA : Focus on Chirality

Jan Labuta
Independent Scientist, MANA


“My career as a research scientist in Japan started in November 2008 when I joined the Supramolecules Group at MANA for a two‐year JSPS postdoctoral fellowship,” says Labuta. “I was really impressed and inspired by the highly focused and passionate approach to research at MANA. I learnt a lot and was able to contribute to the research activities of the group. [...]


[ Vol. 44 ]
Ionic Devices Learn How to Make Decisions

Decision-making processes require the examination of complex data in order to effectively adapt to dynamic changes in the environment and make decisions about the most appropriate way to behave. Emulating these processes with computers requires enormous resources, so new avenues need to be explored. [...]

[ Vol. 45 ]
Artificial Intelligence Learns to Predict Photo-Functional Molecules

Artificial intelligence can be used to design new molecules; it is becoming a popular tool because of its potential for discovering molecules in unexplored chemical spaces, its ability to screen a huge number of potential molecules in a short amount of time and its tendency to find unconventional ways of solving problems. [...]

[ Vol. 46 ]
New Material That is Both a Thermoelectric and a Superconductor Identified by High-Throughput Materials Discovery

Researchers used materials discovery methods to identify and synthesize a material that has thermoelectric properties and, under pressure, is a superconductor. [...]