Advanced nano-fabrication technology catalyzing discovery and innovation at MANA

Toshihide Nabatame
Manager of the Namiki Foundry, MANA


Facilities for lithography and nanofabrication were established at NIMS in 2004 under the leadership of Masakazu Aono, the Director the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA) at NIMS from 2007 to 2017. The facilities became a part of WPI-MANA in 2009 and are now referred to as the Namiki Foundry. [...]


[ Vol. 47 ]
Photonic Circuits Hosting Electromagnetic Waves with Pseudospin

Metamaterials are purposely built devices mimicking structural features of normal materials, but with unusual physical properties. Photonic crystals, for example, are periodic nanostructures consisting of material components with different refractive indices. They have lattice symmetries like solids, but the constituents of the unit cell of a photonic crystal are ‘bits’ of the different bulk materials. [...]

[ Vol. 48 ]
Origins of Macroscopic Friction Linked to Energy Landscape on the Nanoscale

Everybody is familiar with friction — the phenomenon plays an important role in our daily lives. Yet, although phenomenological laws exist that describe friction on the macroscale, a detailed understanding of the processes involved on the microscale is lacking. Now, Hiroshi Sakuma and Shigeru Suehara with their colleagues have studied friction forces in mica, both theoretically and experimentally, and have found the origin of molecular friction in this system. [...]

[ Vol. 49 ]
Porous Structure of a Layered Silicate with Selective Adsorption Properties Revealed

It is not always easy to precisely determine the crystal structure of layered materials — but in order to fully understand and exploit their properties, detailed structural information is needed. Magadiite is such a layered material, used as an adsorbent and a catalyst. It is known that magadiite is a kind of layered silicates: tetrahedra, each with oxygen atoms at the vertices and a silicon atom in the center, grouped in planar arrangements. [...]