How to Apply

From application to enrollment

This is the general process from application to admission. Admission is generally twice a year for all graduate schools.
The application timeline and process are different, depending on the university. Please read the relevant university's page and [Inquiries and FAQs].


1. Contact a potential supervisor

Check the program member listing and find a potential supervisor. The course and the university that the NIMS researcher belong to will be the course and the university that you apply for the admission. Prior to the university application, email the potential supervising professor to discuss about the application and your research plan.

* Professors who is going to retire in a few years will not recruit students or will recruit students in a specific conditions. Please find the information on the program member listing.

2. Apply for NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship (optional)

Application period for the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship usually starts 4-5 months before the university application period. The application process, the eligibilities and the entry periods are different from the universities. Find the details on each university program website.

3. University application

Apply for the program following the university entrance exam guidelines. The application documents are different from the courses and the universities. Particularly, some documents / certificates are requested to provide the original copy issued from universities / organizations. Please carefully read the university guidelines.

4. University entrance exam

Take the university entrance exam specified by the university programs. If you applied for the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship, you may be requested to have an interview at NIMS before the university exam. Ask the potential supervisor about the details.

5. Result announcement

The result of the university entrance exam will be informed by the university. Following the announcement, the result of the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship will be announced by email.

6. Enrollment

If you are successfully admitted, you will have two affiliations, the university that you entry and NIMS. Your research life will begin by getting registered at both institutions.


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