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How different is this program, compared to the conventional graduate programs?

The program is a unique type of graduate school, aiming at high level education and training of scientists and technicians. Students will take part in some of the latest research projects, experiencing the forefront Research and Development activity. This could bring the students towards understanding the most up-to-date and relevant developments in materials science.
The difference may arouse a little concern over basic study and knowledge, particularly in the Master's program. However, the program is designed to provide a platform for further research. It is delivered via a combination of lectures, seminars and tutorials at both university and NIMS.

Where am I going to study at the university or NIMS?

Most of the research activities will be performed at the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS, located in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture). All students of the NIMS Joint Graduate School Program will join the NIMS research groups to conduct their research. The group and location are determined by where the supervising professor is, either Sengen, Namiki or Sakura site.

Where am I going to take the university entrance exam to get admitted to the NIMS Joint Graduate School Program?

The exam is held at the university in most of the programs. The admission will be decided by the application documents and the interview at the exam. The selection process will be different by the courses. If you have applied for the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship, you may be requested to attend the interview at NIMS which is usually held a few days before the university exam.

How am I going to earn the course credits required for the degree?

Basically, the required course credits will be able to earn by activities at NIMS. Depending on what courses the student takes, it may be required attending an intensive lecture course at the university. Please ask the NIMS program researchers for the details.

What is the Graduate Research Assistantship? NIMS Junior Researcher?

NIMS offers the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship to excellent doctoral students enrolled in the NIMS Joint Graduate School Program, who aspire to a career as researchers. The awarded students, NIMS Junior Researchers, will have opportunity to work as members of the NIMS laboratories and receive a monthly stipend for their activities.

Study toward a degree is not deemed to be a duty. However, the assigned duties are consistent with the research objectives of the NIMS laboratory where you study. Eventually, the assistantship requirement can be fulfilled by focusing on the activities in the course of obtaining the degree.