Research Life

Research Environment

Experience cutting-edge research activities

NIMS has been leading the cutting-edge research in a variety of materials science and engineering field. The advanced experimental facilities and technologies, as well as the intellectual infrastructure, are open for the students in the program.

Participate events held at NIMS

NIMS often holds conferences, symposiums and workshops. The program students are welcome to attend the opportunities, even participating as speakers as well. In the NIMS Joint Graduate School Program is arranged for the program students to discuss the research progress with other researchers and students at NIMS. This enables the students to develop presentation skills in English as well as to make sure that their research is on the right track towards obtaining a degree.

Get connected to an interdisciplinary research netwok

NIMS has active interaction with universities, private firms, and research institutes, which has created numerous successful research collaborations. Some program students takes part in the related projects. For the research and training opportunities, many students from universities in and out of Japan, through the programs offered by NIMS, such as NIMS Joint Graduate School Program or NIMS Internship. The experience with motivated fellow students from the different background would be precious in the future.

From Admission to Graduation

The campus of the NIMS Joint Graduate School Program is at NIMS.The basic program process from admission to graduation will be as follows

Activities at NIMS

The base for your research activity is NIMS, joining the NIMS research group. Whilst your study towards getting a degree, you will have opportunities to participate in the latest research project ongoing at NIMS.

Guidance and lectures from your university professors

As well as the NIMS Joint Graduate Program professors, the university professors will give you guidance concerning your course completion. You may sometimes go to the university in order to take lectures as well as to use research facilities.

Presenting research and collaborative work in and out of Japan

You can brush up your skills, by participating research collaboration with other institutions. Conducting your research abroad will also be your option. Many students have expanded their activities abroad while in the NIMS program.

Student Seminar

As one of the NIMS Joint Graduate School curriculum, Student Seminar, is held every year to discuss the student’s research progress with other researchers and students at NIMS. This enables the students to develop presentation skills in English as well as to make sure that their research is on the right track towards obtaining a degree.


The final step before the program completion is to defend your dissertation at the university. Upon the success, your degree will be awarded by the university. The graduates have various paths following graduation at research institutes, universities and private companies.

After Graduation

Guidance obtained from both the university and NIMS, research experiences in NIMS research group, many discussions and presentations that you have, and interactions with people in a diversity of backgrounds. All that experience that you had at the NIMS Joint Graduate Program will help you to lead the next challenge. In the process, some alumni continue working at NIMS or has research projects with NIMS.

Student Interview

Yousuke Sasama

Yousuke Sasama


University of Tsukuba NIMS Joint Graduate School Program

Began his PhD after completing his Master's degree in the Materials Science and Engineering Course,

I had interest in the doctoral program in materials science and engineering when I attended NIMS open day. I was excited by advanced research performed in NIMS, and I knew this program. I felt strongly that I wanted to study in this environment, and I applied for this program. Now, I study diamond electronic devices. In NIMS, there are a diamond growth equipment, a clean room for device fabrication, and a refrigerator for the evaluation of device properties at low temperature and so on. Utilizing these research facilities, I perform the growth of diamond, device fabrication, and device evaluation by my own hands. I feel great pleasure when I can observe a good device performance. In addition, I am a member of the NIMS table tennis club. It is good refreshment to play table tennis during a break. If you are interested in this program, come to Tsukuba for a visit.

Qiao Li

Qiao Li


University of Tsukuba NIMS Joint Graduate School Program

From China, obtained her Master's degree in the Materials Science and Engineering Course and now is in the PhD program.

I am studying at International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics(MANA), which is a world representative international research center in the fields of nanotechnology and material science located in NIMS. During my four years staying in MANA, I found I could always get help on my research work or studying life from my supervisor or my colleges. MANA is equipped with world premier high-tech facilities, I can make my idea come true at this place. There are world-class scientists in material sciences and engineering I can easily reach and talk with them. In NIMS, we have many this kind of center in different areas. Interdisciplinary collaboration could be easily established here. All in all, NIMS provides a very supportive environment where you can pursue your career in science!

Qiao Li

Wenyang Zhao


University of Tsukuba NIMS Joint Graduate School Program

He began his PhD after completing his Master's degree in the Materials Science and Engineering Course.

At NIMS, I enjoy studying everyday. My supervisor is very friendly and approachable. Despite his busy schedules, he ensures that everything is going well with us, both our research and our life in Japan. His positive cheerfulness is very contagious. At NIMS, students are from different countries. We have nice experience and oppurtunity in learning about culture in different countries as well as doing research together. At NIMS, I can study under the direction of top researchers with financial support, so I can pour all my energy in good research. Moreover, the life out of lab is also colorful in Tsukuba. Tsukuba is a science city, which offers a great convenience to visit many scientific institutions. Tsukuba also has many parks with beautiful nature. Joining this program is a good choice for me, and I believe it is also a good choice for students who have aspirations to become material scientists.




Hokkaido University NIMS Joint Graduate School Program

From Tanzania, Presently, working on PhD research under the supervision of Prof. Yasutaka Imanaka in the NIMS – Hokkaido University Joint Graduate Program.

I joined the program in April 2017 for PhD study as well as NIMS Junior Researcher in the High Magnetic Field Physics Group. Before joining this program, I was officially invited by Prof. Imanaka to his Laboratory in September 2016. During this visit, I was impressed and attracted by his research area and the various advanced research facilities for studying wide range of semiconductor materials for exploring both new physics and new applications.

I feel honored to be part of the seasoned researchers here in NIMS. I can freely conduct my research in very unique conditions such as low temperature and high magnetic fields using combination of advanced research equipment, thus making it possible to get very unique research results.

I have opportunity to attend various seminars in NIMS and also domestic and international conferences. This provides an opportunity of sharing my research results through presentations and also to meet global experienced researchers for improving my research skills. In addition, thanks to NIMS research stipend that makes life comfortable and allows me to focus on my research.

Beyond research activities, Tsukuba Science City with more than 120 nationalities provides a great diversity and a setup that is easy to adopt. My family and I, enjoy our stay here with friends from all over the world.

I strongly recommend students from all over the world who wish to become the best researchers and unique scientist of tomorrow to join this program.