NIMS Graduate Program

NIMS has collaborative agreements with several universities, in terms of providing research and training opportunities to postgraduate students. Based on the agreements, NIMS researchers supervise those university postgraduate students towards obtaining degrees. Many of our program alumni with degrees awarded by the universities have their careers in materials science.

NIMS Joint Graduate School Program

In this unique graduate program, the selected NIMS researchers are assigned as the university professors and involved in the postgraduate education. The first program started in April 2004, with the Graduate School of Pure and Applied Sciences, University of Tsukuba. Since the then, the NIMS Joint Graduate School Programs has been established with 6 Japanese universities. The research guidance/training and the lectures are in English. The program offers the students to conduct their own research using the advanced facilities in the international research environment, aiming to develop professional recognition and skills.

NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship

NIMS offers the NIMS Graduate Research Assistantship to the graduate students who aspire to a career as researchers in materials science. The assistantship carries a monthly stipend to assist academically deserving students in fulfilling their academic goals. Those students appointed as NIMS Junior Researcher will enable to gain insight into their research career by "hands on" experience of working on latest research projects, without financial hardship.

NIMS Internship

NIMS Internship program is open for undergraduate and graduate students attending courses at universities in and out of Japan, aiming to provide technical experience of cutting-edge research activities in the field of materials and science. If you would like to use the world’ s leading research equipment and facilities, take part in the research projects and the interactions with researchers from all over the world. For the maximum 90-day program, excellent students would be financially supported by NIMS.

International Cooperative Graduate Program

NIMS concludes an International Cooperative Graduate Program (ICGP) agreement to carry out collaborative research with overseas universities. Graduate students are accepted to NIMS through ICGP. Student can conduct part of their thesis work at NIMS with co-supervision of NIMS researchers.

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