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Information about the activities and progress of the MANA project.

No.26 (February 2018) issue is available now.

P.2 - 5 Featured Topics

Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

- Is Mars migration possible? -

Interviewer: Akio Etori, Science Journalist

Forty-eight years have passed since humans first set foot on the moon. Now that the exploration of Mars by unmanned rovers is possible, the expression "colonization of Mars" is no longer considered “out of this world”. Thinking from the perspective of cutting-edge planetary science, life science, and material science - is actual migration to Mars possible? We spoke to… [ read more ]


A Conversation with Prof. Hiroshi Amano

A Conversation with Prof. Hiroshi Amano  

Developing countries have more research seeds to sow.

— fter winning the Nobel Prize, has your research in blue LEDs had new developments?

 Yes. The fact that LEDs have become popular in general society means that its manufacturing technology has been established to some extent. Thanks to that, I think that we're now at the stage where various applications of LEDs can be considered; we're currently thinking about how to… [ read more ]

No Month Year English Japanese
No.26 February 2018 6.4MB 7.1MB
No.25 February 2017 11.7MB 11.3MB
No.24 October 2016 6.56MB 7.08MB
No.23 June 2016 6.37MB 7.00MB
No.22 February 2016 4.8MB 5.2MB
No.21 October 2015 4.4MB 4.6MB
No.20 June 2015 7.1MB 7.7MB
No.19 February 2015 3.7MB 4.4MB
No.18 October 2014 2.0MB 2.7MB
No.17 June 2014 2.0MB 2.7MB
No.16 February 2014 1.1MB 1.6MB
No.15 October 2013 1.0MB 1.6MB
No.14 June 2013 876KB 1.4MB
No.13 February 2013 4.4MB 4.8MB
No.12 October 2012 812 KB 1.5 MB
No.11 June 2012 1.1 MB 1.8 MB
No.10 February 2012 2.2 MB 3.0 MB
No.9 December 2011 3.1 MB 2.6 MB
No.8 June 2011 4.6 MB 4.4 MB
No.7 February 2011 1.9 MB 2.2 MB
No.6 October 2010 2.5 MB 2.5 MB
No.5 June 2010 4.3 MB 2.7 MB
No.4 February 2010 3.4 MB 4.0 MB
No.3 October 2009 3.4 MB 3.1 MB
No.2 June 2009 2.9 MB 3.5 MB
No.1 February 2009 2.4 MB 3.1 MB