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Research Facilities

NIMS's research environment - a reason for international pride


Namiki Foundry

Namiki Foundry
At Namiki Foundry Station, we provide the facilities which can use the forefrontive core-technique for materials science researchers who utilize nanotechnology in Japan.

Nano Quantum Foundry is a nano-fabrication center for researches of nanomaterials and nanodevices.There are engineering staffs to support the researchers.

Belt-type high-pressure apparatus

Belt-type high-pressure apparatus

Belt-type high-pressure apparatus

Contact Researcher;
Takashi Taniguchi

Materials synthesis and treatment under high pressure and high temperature.
2000 ton Press :
2 - 10 GPa, 2000°C
sample volume:
~1.5 cc.
30000 ton Press:
2 - 6 GPa, 3000°C
sample volume:
~7 cc.
Extreme Technology laboratory, Room:101, Namiki Site


Transmission Electron Microscope

Transmission Electron Microscopy Station (TEM Station) has been established for the research and development (R&D) of TEMs and related instrumentation for nano-characterization and study of material systems, and for utilization by users including those who are not specialists of TEM. The focus of the R&D is the dynamic observation of materials on the atomic scale, improvement in spatial resolution, advanced spectroscopic characterization of materials and, development of systems for remote operation and so on.

SoftMaterial Line

Zeta-potential & particle size analyzer (DELSA 440SX)

Zeta-potential & particle size analyzer (DELSA 440SX)

Nobutaka Hanagata at Sengen site

Adjustment of Biomoleculars
Bio-imaging laboratory
Cell Culture test
Instrumental Analysis
Synthesis of Organic and Polymer Materials

Here, we can show the selected instruments.

Spring-8 (Harima-site) *Ended March 31, 2021

Beam Line

Beam Line
The activities of NIMS beamline BL15XU at Spring-8 were finished at the end of March 2021.

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