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Training of Young Scientists

One of the world's best training systems for young scientists

MANA attracts outstanding young researchers from around the world for one reason: They know that if they come to MANA, they will be able to maximize their potential and advance to higher levels of performance.
In addition, MANA has a very unique training system that helps young researchers find their future paths?the Triple Double (3D) System. The 3D System cultivates global perspective through interdisciplinary research.

3D - Triple Double

Under the Triple Double, or 3D, System, researchers have two mentors (Double Mentor), are affiliated to two research institutions, (Double Affiliation) and conduct research in two fields (Double Discipline). This system is highly effective for developing the careers of young researchers and has garnered high acclaim from around the world.

Double Mentor

By working with two world-class researchers, young researchers develop global perspective and add depth to their work.

Double Discipline

Young researchers acquire knowledge in multiple fields to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of their research.

Double Affiliation

Young researchers develop a strong sense of autonomy and independence by working with multiple institutions.

MANA Independent Scientists

Independent Scientists: Young researchers producing remarkable research

MANA hires young researchers who have produced outstanding research achievements as MANA Independent Scientists.

MANA uses the 3D System to train these future leaders, and as the title suggests, Independent Scientists are granted "independent" authority over their research. MANA provides these researchers with special support, providing them with an environment in which they can freely pursue independent research projects and opportunities to spend long periods of time at foreign research institutions as well as actively assisting them with interdisciplinary research and assigning them world-class researchers as mentors. Independent Scientists do not merely receive support from MANA, they also actively approach companies and government institutions to secure external research subsidies and must manage their own research funding.
In this way, the top-tier research environment at MANA creates research leaders for the world. It is no overstatement to say that Independent Scientists are the future of humankind.

The “Independence” of Independent Researchers

Independent Authority over Research
Just as the name implies, researchers are given independent discretion over their research. In Japan, there are almost no other research institutes that give this much authority and discretion to researchers in their 30s or early 40s. Thanks to this authority, Independent Scientists can decide their own intention and take action related to their own research themes. With this as one way to speed up research, the number and quality of publications by Independent Scientists is increasing year after year. With researchers in charge of managing their own research, the quality of their research is also enhanced.

Independent Research Budget
Independent Scientists receive some funding from MANA, but not much. Independent Scientists must approach corporations and federal institutions on their own and take the initiative to acquire their own funding. In this way, they secure funding to enable them to conduct research freely and of their own accord. MANA proactively supports them in these endeavors, however, pulling in research funding from external sources is no easy task. That’s why the network of renowned researchers from all different fields and overseas research institutes that MANA can introduce to Independent Scientists is of great assistance.

Independent Action
Meeting directly with the scientists who set the world standard getting to know them personally and listening to what they have to say might just be the most stimulating thing there is for researchers with future potential. Since the activities of Independent Scientists are very free, it is possible for them to conduct research abroad when and for as long as they require. In order to step up onto the world stage, it is paramount to proactively engage diverse cultures and different fields so that one’s horizons can be expanded and one can grow, both as a scientist and as a person.


The ICYS has continued and developed the original concept of the International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS). As in the ICYS, talented young multinational researchers gather to conduct independent research in a melting pot environment mixing different research fields and cultures. In MANA, investigators with excellent abilities and careers are conducting cutting-edge research in materials science. These scientists serve as mentors to ICYS researchers and actively interact with each other, based on a principle of respect for young researchers' ideas.

You can see the details of ICYS here.

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