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Message from the Deputy Director

The aim of the MANA Administrative Office is simple: To provide the world’s best international research environment to researchers working at MANA.

Tomonobu Nakayama
Deputy Director / Administrative Director, MANA

When I wrote this message in May 2015, MANA was already recognized around the world as an international research center where researchers raised in different cultures can throw themselves completely into their research and achieve results that attract global attention.
The treasure of MANA, of course, is its researchers, post-docs and students, but it is also a fact that the Administrative Office plays an extremely important role by supporting their activities.

Today, we live in an era of fluid change in both the content of research and researchers themselves, and for this reason, the Administrative Office must also be a flexible organization. However, since research is ultimately a human activity, I believe that the MANA Administrative Office should also put particular effort into being an organization that works closely and “thinks together” with MANA researchers.

If you’re interested in doing challenging research that will change the world we live in, MANA is the place for you, and the Administrative Office is ready and able to help!

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