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Message from the Office Chief

Yutaka Wakayama Group Leader of Quantum Device Engineering Group is to become the Office Chief of Administrative Office. Under the new operation system, MANA will realize active research activities that make the leap of new materialse search.

Yutaka Wakayama
Office Chief, Administrative Office

Embarking on my career in an industrial company, I transitioned into a world of postdoctoral research, both locally and internationally. I commenced my journey with this research institute in 1999. Shortly thereafter, I had the opportunity to witness the birth and evolution of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) into a globally recognized leader in materials research. In April 2011, I became an integral part of the International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics (WPI-MANA), four years after its establishment. I was privileged to devote over a decade to my personal research in the capacity of a mid-career researcher.

Reflecting on the past three decades, I recall the moment I transitioned from the industry to the world of academia. A mentor I respect told me, "From now on, you will present your research to the world. Appreciate the joy this brings." Ever since, I have conducted my research under the belief that scientific publications serve as a medium for evaluation, without succumbing to self-satisfaction. In other words, publications are merely a tool for seeking assessment, not an end goal. I express my gratitude for the privilege to conduct research at MANA, a diverse and inclusive environment that upholds these universally accepted principles, where age and nationality hold no significant importance.

As time advanced, I have been honored with the roles of Group Leader, Deputy Director, and Administrative Director. From April 2023, I have embraced the role of Office Chief of the Administrative Office. I perceive this as an opportune moment to cultivate an environment where young researchers, including myself, can delve deep into their work. This vision directs my efforts as Office Chief. (May 2023)

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