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Message from the Deputy Director

Yutaka Wakayama Group Leader of Quantum Device Engineering Group is to become the new WPI-MANA Deputy Director. Under the new operation system, WPI-MANA will realize active research activities that make the leap of new materialse search.

Yutaka Wakayama
Deputy Director, MANA

I started my career as a corporate researcher. After engaging in research as a postdoctoral fellow both in Japan and abroad, I started working at the National Institute for Metals (NRIM) in 1999. In shortly, NIMS was established by merging NRIM and National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials (NIRIM). I could experienced the process of establishing the world's leading materials research institute in real time. I joined the WPI-MANA in April 2011 and it as 4 years since WPI-MANA established as one of the WPI centers. Since then, I was blessed with an environment that I can focus on my research as a researcher.

When I quit a company quarter century ago, my mentor told me "From now on, your research will be widely evaluated in the world. You ought to be happy with it." From that day on, I have been researching with the policy that I have to ask others to evaluate my research in order not to fall into self-satisfaction, and I believe that there are scientific journals as a medium for that. In other words, the journals are just a medium to seek the evaluation, not the purpose. I really appreciate to have a chance to enroll in an organization, WPI-MANA that provides us researchers well organized free research environment with no boundaries of nationalities and age.

I am already in the middle of my 50s. The word "retirement" are starting to flicker in my head. It is about time to play a role not only for me but also for young researchers. I decided to undertake the job of the deputy director with such a thought. (May 2019)

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