2012 Update


Millimeter-level naked-eye detection of Cesium location at solid surface

Potential for volume reduction of radioactively contaminated components, and Clarification of diffusion processes and accumulation behavior of Cesium

Development of Graphene Transistor Based on New Operating Principle

Realizes Approximately 4 Order Current OFF/ON Ratio

High-Voltage Vacuum Power Switch for Smart Power Grids

World’s First Successful Power Switch Using a Diamond Semiconductor

On-Demand-Type Device with Switchable Functions Responding to the User’s Needs

Realizes Diverse Functions of Diode, Switch, Capacitor, Brain-Type Memory Device, Etc. in One Device

Symposium for High School Students Given by World’s Leading Researchers

Announcement of “WPI High School Outreach Program: Inspiring Insights into Pioneering Scientific Research”

Success in Development of Metal Oxide Film Transistor Necessary in Device Control

Next-generation Device Enabling Improved Smartphone Battery Life and High Definition in Televisions

Gold Nanoparticle Catalyst that Learns from Enzyme in Nature

Metallic Nanoparticle Catalyst for Surface Capture of Reactants

Development of Novel Conduction Control Technique for Graphene

Realizes a Room Temperature Operation Switching Transistor by Helium Ion Irradiation

Discovery of Anomalous Softening Phenomenon and Shear Bands Suppression Effect in Metallic Glass

Suggests the Possibility of Room Temperature Forming of Metallic Glass by Utilizing “Structural Rejuvenation

Design of Nano Quantum Device for Manipulating Majorana Fermions

Contribution to Key Technology of Topological Quantum Computation

Simultaneous Measurement of Electronic Properties and Optical Properties of Organic EL Realized in the Atmosphere

Accelerates Development of New Materials for Organic EL by Fast and Simple Measurement Device

Driving an Electron Spin Vortex “Skyrmion” with a Microcurrent

Large Advance toward Realization of Technology for Manipulation of Magnetic Information with Low Current Density 1/100,000th that of Conventional Technology

Success in Control of Magnetic/Dielectric Properties by Substituting Nonmagnetic Atoms

A New Idea in the Development of Next-generation Memory Devices

Discovery that Insects Can Walk Underwater using Bubbles

Application to Clean Underwater Adhesion

Successful Development of Nanosheets Film Capable for Safe and Highly Effective Gene Transfection into Cells

Potential Application to Cell Therapy for Hemophilia, Diabetes, and Other Hereditary Diseases and Intractable Diseases

Why the Change to a Superconductor when Simmered in Alcoholic Beverages?

New Possibility in Research and Development of Superconductors by Elucidation of Causative Agent and Mechanism

Discovery of New Colossal Magnetoresistance Mechanism

Road to Development of New Functional Magnetoresistance Devices

Discovery of “Orbital Switching” Phenomenon

Expectations for Understanding and Control of Ground States in Frustrated Magnetic Systems

Development of Coating Technique by High Speed Particles with Velocity of 1,000m/s

Possibility of Forming Thick Films of Titanium Alloys in the Atmosphere

Development of “Slater Insulator” that Rapidly Changes from Conductor to Insulator at Room Temperature

Expectations for Application to New Materials for Terahertz Signal Receiving Devices and Novel Thermoelectric Conversion Materials

Development of Hybrid Porous Scaffold for Bone Regeneration

Enhanced Osteoinductivity through Mimicking the in vivo Nano- and Micro-environment

Success in Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots with World’s Highest Density

Will Further Accelerate Research toward Realization of High Performance Quantum Dot Devices

Experimental Elucidation of the Role of Cocatalyst for High Efficiency in Fuel Cell Reactions

Guidelines for Simultaneously Realizing Reduced Use of Platinum and High Efficiency in Fuel Cells

Success in Elucidation and Large Improvement of Spin Properties of Iron Oxide Surface

Improvement of Half-Metal Characteristics by Interfacial Control

“3” had a Special Meaning for Superconductivity

Elucidation of New Physical Properties in Multi-Band Superconductivity with 3 or More Components

Development of Light-Emitting Film with Sensitivity to Airborne Materials

Expected Application to Sensors for Detection of Trace Materials and New Display

Development of Nonvolatile White Light-Emitting Liquid; Coatable on Diverse Range of Materials

Full-Color Tuning is Easily Available; Promissing as Next-Generation Light-Emitting Material

Fabrication of New Elastic “Soft Capsule” using Nano-sized Flakes

Enables Free Control of Release Duration of Anticancer Drugs, Etc.

Announcement of the 2012 NIMS Conference and NIMS Award Winners

NIMS Award Ceremony and Memorial Lectures by Award Winners to be Held at the NIMS Conference

Strong, Tough High Temperature Superconducting Nanowires

Success in Manufacture of Whisker Crystals of Iron-based Superconductor

Discovery of a New Theory in the Nucleation of Substances

Contributing to Elucidation of the Phenomena of Shape and Volume Changes

Nature of Mott Transition Revealed

Toward Elucidation of the Mechanism of High Temperature Superconductivity

Development of High Performance Filtration Membranes Enabling Oil Purification

World's First Demonstration of Ultrafast Viscous Permeation in Nanoporous Membranes

Announcement of 10th International Symposium on Nanotechnology (JAPAN NANO 2012)

MEXT User Facility Innovation Support Project – Nanotechnology Network Japan

To Save the World’s Drinking Water

Development of Material for Quick, Simple Removal of Toxic Arsenic in Drinking Water
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