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Press Release Update


NII and NIMS Sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Coordination and Cooperation

Promoting Open Science through Collaborative Data Platform Research and Development

Precision Control of Superconductivity in Atomic Layers Using Magnetic Molecules

—The Key Is the Manipulation of “Hidden Degrees of Freedom” in Molecules—

Development of Ultra-High Capacity Lithium-Air Batteries Using CNT Sheet Air Electrodes

—15 Times Greater Capacity Than Lithium-Ion Batteries, the New Battery May Enable Electric Vehicles to Drive as Far as Conventional Vehicles—

O2 Adsorption on a Platinum Surface Is Greatly Influenced by Its Molecular Alignment Relative to the Surface

— Clarification of a Key Factor Determining the Rate of Catalytic Oxidation Reactions —

Activation of Catalytically Inert Material by Formation of Junction with Corrugated 2D Carbon Nitride

—Nanostructurization of Interfaces is the Key. This Strategy May Lead to Understanding of Complex Electrode Processes and Development of Highly Efficient Electrocatalysts—

Nerve Wrapping Nanofiber Mesh Promoting Regeneration

— Potential Application as a Sheet Product Capable of Treating Numbness and Pain in Hands and Feet —
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