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Press Release Update

2016.06.08 NEW

ZnO-Coated High-Performance Bearings Developed

—They Reduce Friction by about One-Third. Playing a Vital Role in a Newly Developed Small Jet Engine Generator for Emergency Use—

NIMS Issues New Data Sheets

—Nine New Publications including Data on Characteristics of Rust Collected through 10 Years of Exposure Tests—

High-Pressure Generator Using a Superconducting Diamond Developed

—Integration of a Hime Diamond into the Device Simplifies Measurement of Electrical Resistance under Ultra-High Pressure—

High Efficient Solar Water Heating Achieved with Nanoparticles

—Success May Promote Solar Heat Utilization Based on Plasmon Resonance of Ceramic Materials—

Electrical Conductivity of Salt Water in Seismogenic Zones Theoretically Determined

—A Step Forward in Understanding Mechanisms behind Magma Generation and the Outbreak of Earthquakes—

Low-Current, Highly Integrable Spintronics Device Developed

—Use of Ion Conducting Solid Electrolyte Created a Breakthrough. A Step toward Realization of Low-Current High-Capacity Memory Devices—
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