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Site Policy

Rules and regulations for website use and data therein

The Independent Administrative Institution National Institute for Materials Science ("NIMS" hitherto) website is for provision of information concerning NIMS, and operated according to the following rules and regulations. When a user accesses this site, it is deemed that the user agrees to abide by the Site Policy herewith.


NIMS affords special attention in handling the information on this site, but does not guarantee the security in regard to utilization and the reliability of the information posted on this site. In addition, the information and documents on this site may be modified or deleted without prior notice. Under no circumstance shall NIMS be liable for any loss, damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered that is claimed to have resulted from the use of this site, including, without limitation, any fault, error, omission, interruption or delay with respect thereto. Furthermore, NIMS assumes no responsibility for the content of any external sites linked to.

Copyright Notice

The copyright for all the documents or data which are offered from this site, all contents on this site are copyrighted by NIMS unless specifically stated otherwise, is protected under the Copyright Act of Japan and, through international treaties, in other countries. You must not transfer, extract, duplicate, reprint, reproduce, divert or republish any material contained in this site either on another web site, or in any other medium, print, electronic or otherwise, to a third party without prior written permission from NIMS. If any of the abovementioned activities is carried out, please appropriately follow the method below.


When using the document and the data which are published on this site, the source origin must be stated clearly “Provided by: Independent Administrative Institution National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)” “Provided by: NIMS” or “Courtesy of NIMS”. However, when indication as to the contents provided in conjunction with other agencies under joint ownership is indicated clearly on this site, please indicate each source origin. (i.e.: “Provided by: NIMS/MANA”)

Alteration of data

We strictly prohibit the use of any contents from this site to be altered, credit declared purposes being excluded. "Alter" means to cut off or modify all or a portion of illustration, picture and image, change colors, or in any other way impair the original image such as by modifying or reversing colors.

About Links

Concerning link settings to this site, it is stipulated as a precondition that it be clearly indicated that the source origin is NIMS. However, the following links are to be denied.

  • Links to websites with the objective and content contrary to public morals/wellbeing
  • Links that may markedly decrease the image and/or trustworthiness of NIMS, or may infringe the rights of a specified person/organization
  • Links that makes this site’s content or page appear as if it is part of the linked website (for example, a link that brings into the frame this site’s page in its entirety/portions thereof into the linked website)

  • Privacy policy

    On this site, the following handling procedures are set concerning user privacy.

    About personal information protection

    NIMS, base upon “Guidelines for Personal Information Protection”, administers appropriately all personal information gathered on this site, and will not use this for purposes other than those specifically stated. As for the duties and systems under the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan, including the related laws, rules and regulations, we carry explanatory information and relevant forms herein.

    About collation of user information and utilization purposes

    NIMS, through this site carries out handling of information such as requests concerning its publications/information including subscriptions and mailings, notices for employment positions, etc., collates information that can specify persons on occasion. The information therein are such items like names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers for contacts and (in relation to employment) educational/work background. For use of the respective information that has been collected from users will store and utilize said information within the bounds set by NIMS operations and internal regulations at NIMS concerning storage of personal information.

    About collation of access logs

    NIMS carries out, for analyzing statistically the trends in access to or for preparing against possible server problems that may occur on this site, handling/storage of access logs (including IP addresses) for users, etc. but no identification can be made with this.

    About changes in this policy

    NIMS will when deemed necessary change the content of its privacy policy. When such changes are made, they will be made public on this site.