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Greetings from the President

2017.01.06 Update
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With the enforcement of the "Act on Special Measures concerning the Promotion of Research and Development by the Designated National Research and Development Agencies," the corporate status of the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) was renewed to a Designated National Research and Development Institute in October 2016.

In line with the Abe administration's plan to "make Japan the most innovation-friendly country in the world," our mission as a Designated National R&D Institute is to make world-class R&D accomplishments and promote popularization and utilization of these accomplishments based on Japan's national strategies. In addition, as a core institute that firmly leads Japan's innovation system, NIMS is expected to take initiative in creating venues for bringing together human resources from industry, academia and government, as well as knowledge and funding.

To meet these expectations, NIMS promotes open innovation with industries by inviting part of the "basic research functions" of private companies to NIMS and setting up an open innovation platform for a "dream team" consisting of NIMS as a leader, industries and universities.

In addition, NIMS is building a world-class research infrastructure, including a topnotch materials data platform and the most advanced characterization instruments. We are also inviting/fostering talented young researchers from Japan and other countries, in conjunction with the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI). Through these activities, we aim to establish a global research center at NIMS to bring together people, tools and funding from collaborating organizations all around the world.

Moreover, NIMS continues to support cross-appointment of scientists from universities and other organizations in order to establish a full-fledged collaboration framework among industry, academia and government. We will also contribute to regional revitalization by actively engaging in joint research with locally-based researchers and serving as a hub for promoting local innovation.

As I said above, we will do our best to stimulate innovation and strengthen industrial competitiveness across Japan by mediating collaboration between industries and universities, and serving as a hub to interact with global collaborators and local communities.

In order for NIMS to fulfill these roles concurrently, it is vital to create a research environment conducive to maximum R&D performance, distribute resources appropriately, and raise awareness of individual NIMS members so they live up to their responsibility. This is my second year as president and I consider this year as a "year of reform" in terms of strengthening the management of the organization.

Thank you for your support.

Kazuhito Hashimoto

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