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2015.03.27 UpdatePress Release

Possible Existence of Neutral Atomic Hydrogen in Rock in the Earth’s Deep Interior

Creating a stir in research on the hydrogen cycle in the Earth’s interior

2015.02.03 UpdatePress Release

Structurally Reinforced Hydrogel Material Developed Using Electrostatic Repulsive Force between Nanosheets

The new material withstands vertical loads applied in the direction perpendicular to its layers while distorting in the horizontal direction. It is promising as a vibration-damping material

2015.02.03 UpdatePress Release

Discovery of Josephson Junctions Generated in Atomic-Layered Superconductors

The finding may pave the way to create atomic-scale superconducting elements

2014.12.10 UpdatePress Release

World’s First Time-controlled Molecular Self-Organization

Development of new material capable of autonomous molecular organization in accordance with preprogramming

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