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これまで多数のNIMSジュニア研究員 NIMS Junior Researchersの在籍実績があります。NIMSジュニア研究員への応募詳細はこちら。





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笹間 陽介

Viola PAUL


   九州大学大学院 工学府 材料物性工学専攻を2022年3月修了後、


I am currently in my second year doing NIMS postdoctoral fellowship in the Mechanical Properties Group (former High Strength Materials Group). As one of the leading materials science and engineering research institutes, NIMS has a longstanding reputation for conducting groundbreaking research in a wide area including high-performance metals. I was thrilled to pursue my research interests in microstructure and mechanical properties in metals within our group. My time as a postdoctoral researcher in our group was an incredibly rewarding experience. Through the invaluable guidance of highly skilled and experienced researchers, I was able to expand my scientific expertise, hone my research skill, and make impactful contributions to research that aligns with my passion. Furthermore, given that NIMS is located in Tsukuba Science City, its serene natural surroundings provide a comfortable and stimulating environment for researchers to conduct innovative research and offer a peaceful life from the busy urban lifestyle.

Here is a useful "URL" with information on starting life in Tsukuba City

Qiao Li

Silvia POMES


   九州大学大学院 工学府 材料物性工学専攻を2024年3月修了後、


I am an international student enrolled in the Kyushu University - NIMS joint doctoral program and perform my research in the Mechanical Properties Group (former High Strength Materials Group). Alongside the state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies, NIMS offers a stimulating environment for Japanese and international researchers. The multiple research topics covered by our group are providing me with new skills and approaches towards scientific work. The continuous support and fruitful scientific discussion with my supervisor motivate and challenge me in a positive and constructive way. Furthermore, as international student, I have received extensive support by our group administrative staff to start my life in Tsukuba. The city attracts many researchers, it is possible to make new friends and easily explore Japan: Tokyo is a 45 minutes train ride away.

Qiao Li




   工学研究院材料工学専攻(博士課程 在学中)/ NIMSジュニア研究員

As a person who is passionate about materials science and also loving Japanese culture, NIMS offers just the right environment for me to thrive. I was first attracted by the research internship of NIMS, which then opened the door for pursuing my PhD here. From the very beginning I felt warmly welcomed and received amazing support, not only to start my research and seamlessly integrate into the team, but also to smoothly start my new life on the other side of the globe. Being the largest materials research center in Japan, NIMS houses a tremendous number of state-of-the-art machines and instruments. The accessibility to this equipment paired with a great freedom in my research makes my experimental work highly enjoyable. Moreover, the opportunities for engaging in conferences, and international networking in general, are numerous.