Spintronics Group

H. Sukegawa
(Group Leader)
S. Mitani
Z. Wen

Spintronics Group

Studying and developing new magnetic materials and spin-based functionalities.

  Spintronics is an emerging field as a new branch of electronics, in which the charges and spins of electrons are utilized. We are studying and developing new magnetic materials and spin-based functionalities for high-density nonvolatile solid-state memory and logic devices. In addition, fundamental studies on new phenomena and characterization methods in spintronics have been performed. These new spintronic devices are expected to contribute to the realization of low power consumption in the future electronics.

Specialized Research Field

  Large magnetoresisitance at room temperature and spin torques are the basis of spintronics, which have been achieved in the so-called spin-valves and magnetic tunnel junctions. In order to develop spintronic memory and logic devices for low power consumption electronics, we study new materials such as spinel barriers and their magnetic nanostructures. Spin torques including the spin orbit torque due to spin Hall effect and related magnetization dynamics and physical phenomena are also important issues to address in our group for future spintronic devices.
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