Magnetic Recording Materials Group

Y.K. Takahashi
(Group Leader)
S. Isogami
Y. Sasaki

Magnetic Recording Materials Group

Fundamental research on magnetic recording with high areal density beyond 4 Tbit/in2.

  We will realize multi-level magnetic recording in HDD for energy saving in data centers, a key technology for society 5.0. For beyond society 5.0, processing large amount of digital information at ultra-high speed and low power consumption is required. For this purpose, fundamental research will be conducted to realize optical information communication systems, especially magnetic data storage devices.Specific research themes include the development of 3D magnetic recording systems, the search for new magnetic recording media materials, and the control of magnetization dynamics by external energy such as light.

Specialized Research Field

  The magnetic recording area has a deep relationship with material science, magnetism and spintronics. Using these knowledge, we understand the underlying mechanism of the phenomena. Based on these, we carry out the fundamental research of the development of new materials, microstructures and devices for high density magnetic recording beyond 4 Tbit/in2.
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