Magnetic Recording Materials Group

Y. Takahashi
(Group Leader)
S. Kasai

Magnetic Recording Materials Group


  We carry out fundamental researches on magnetic recording with high areal density beyond 4 Tbit/in2. For this areal density, new magnetic recording method with an assistance by the external energy such as heat, microwave magnetic field and light is required. To realize an effective magnetization switching, we are developing a new magnetic recording medium suitable for the energy assisted magnetic recording by the control of the microstructure and magnetization dynamics. In addition, we carry out the development of a read sensor for 4 Tbit/in2.

Specialized Research Field

  The magnetic recording area has a deep relationship with material science, magnetism and spintronics. Using these knowledge, we understand the underlying mechanism of the phenomena. Based on these, we carry out the fundamental research of the development of new materials, microstructures and devices for high density magnetic recording beyond 4 Tbit/in2.
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