Spin Physics Group

S. Kasai
(Group Leader)
S. Sugimoto

Spin Physics Group

To develop novel Spintronic devices.

  Spintronics devices have the great benefit of non-volatile properties, which can offer new functionalities to IoT devices. Controlling the spin is one of the crucial technologies to realize spintronics devices. We investigate the fundamental of spin-related phenomena in ultra-thin heterostructures. We also construct spintronics devices having various functionalities.

Specialized Research Field

  We focus on the highly efficient scheme for manipulating the magnetization and magnetic domains in thin-film heterostructures. These insights could be useful for developing the current-going spintronics devices. Also, we investigate the magnetic domain structure in ultra-thin heterostructures. The enhanced interface effects stabilize various magnetic domain structures. The nonlinearity of these domain structures offers a new class of computing methods, including reservoir computing.
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