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Liwen Sang, Independent Scientist and Her Collaborators Find “Improving the Efficiency of Gan-Based Materials for Solar Cells and LEDs”.

25 Nov, 2021

Improving the Efficiency of GaN-Based Materials for Solar Cells and LEDs

Liwen Sang, Independent Scientist and her collaborators shows how to improve the performance of the p-type region in GaN-based long-wavelength devices by exploiting a unique polarization effect of GaN-based material, which generated 2D hole gas. This is expected to be a way to improve the efficiency of long-wavelength LEDs and solar cells.

Their paper in Applied Physics Letters selected for Featured Article. In addition, the paper has been selected for inclusion in the American Institute of Physics (AIP) Scilight (Science Highlight), a publication that highlights only the most outstanding research results.

Paper details

Title : "Polarization-induced hole doping for long-wavelength In-rich InGaN solar cells"
Authors : Liwen Sang, Masatomo Sumiya, Meiyong Liao, Yasuo Koide, Xuelin Yang, and Bo Shen
Journal : Applied Physics Letters,119, 202103 (2021) (Online: November 17, 2021)
DOI: 10.1063/5.0071506

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