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Tomonobu Nakayama, Deputy Director, MANA Principal Investigator And His International Collaborators' Research Published in Scientific Reports

15 Nov, 2019
(17 Dec, 2019 Update)

Tomonobu Nakayama, Deputy Director, MANA Principal Investigator and his international collaborators (Prof. Zdenka Kuncic from University of Sydney and Prof. James K. Gimzewski from CNSI, UCLA & MANA) have discovered the emergent dynamics of neuromorphic nanowire networks.

The team found that the neuromorphic nanowire network exhibited emergent brain-like behaviour resembling cognitive functions such as learning, memorisation and forgetting when it's electrically stimulated. In the future, it is expected to have a significant contribution in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) networks.

This research was published online in Scientific Reports on October 17, 2019.

NIMS Press Release
"Brain function imitation technology using metallic nanowire network" (11 November 2019)

Scientific Reports
"Emergent dynamics of neuromorphic nanowire networks" (17 October 2019)

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