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NIMS WEEK 2019 (Report)

8 Nov, 2019

NIMS WEEK was held at Tokyo sites and Tsukuba sites over a 4-day period from October 28th to November 1st, 2019. NIMS WEEK is an annual event that introduces the latest academic achievements of NIMS and the newest technologies expected to be of practical use.
This year, we exhibited NIMS’s “now” with the following four programs. Many researchers from MANA have participated in this event.

Date October 28 (Mon) to November 1 (Fri), 2019
Oct.28th [Mon]  NIMS Open House (Tsukuba: Sengen site, Namiki site, Sakura site)
Oct.30th [Wed]  NIMS Award / Academic Symposium (Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum)
Oct.31st [Thu]   NIMS Technology Transfer (Tokyo: Tokyo International Forum)
Nov.1st  [Fri]     STAM Anniversary Simposium (Tokyo: The University of Tokyo)
Official Website https://www.nims.go.jp/nimsweek/e_index.html

Poster Session (October 31)

Mitsuhiro Ebara (Smart Polymers Group)
"Smart polymers for future medicine"

Shinsuke Ishihara (Frontier Molecules Group)
"Solid materials that slowly release bioactive gases upon interaction with ambient air"

Naoyuki Kawamoto (Nanotubes Group)
"STEM-based thermal analytical microscopy"

Tsuyoshi Miyazaki (First-Principles Simulation Group)
"Development and opening the CONQUEST code for large-scale first-principles calculation"

Tadaaki Nagao (Photonics Nano-Engineering Group)
"Spectroscopic thermal emitters/detectors"

Jun Nara (First-Principles Simulation Group)
"Development of PHASE/0, a first-principles electronic structure calculation program"

Akihiro Okamoto (Independent Scientist)
"Electrochemical microbiology opens novel technologies for sensing and eradicating harmful bacteria"

Yutaka Wakayama (Quantum Device Engineering Group)
"Organic field-effect transistor for highly integrated circuit"

Shinjiro Yagyu (Nano Electrics Device Materials Group)
"Physical measurement threshold automatic estimation algorithm"

Michiko Yoshitake (Nano Electrics Device Materials Group)
"Revolutionary approach to material research: Materials Curation®"

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