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ConferenceConference 2019


Date 4 Mar, 2019 - 6 Mar, 2019
(22 Apr, 2019 Update)

The 12th MANA International Symposium 2019 jointly with ICYS "Toward Perceptive Nanomaterials, Devices and Systems" was held at Epochal Tsukuba in Tsukuba City over a 3-day period from March 4 (Mon) to March 6 (Wed), 2019. The MANA International Symposium is held every year to present MANA's research achievements to the domestic and international scientific community.

The Symposium featured three keynote lectures given by two MANA satellite PIs, Prof. Gero Decher of University of Strasbourg, France and Prof. Thomas Mallouk of Pennsylvania State University, USA, and by Prof. Yoshihiro Iwasa of University of Tokyo. The symposium consisted of 11 invited speakers from inside and outside Japan, 10 speakers from MANA and 129 poster presentations.

336 participants from 12 countries attended the 3 day event with lively question-and-answer sessions and exchange of ideas.

Date March 4 (Mon) to March 6 (Wed), 2019
Venue International Congress Center (Epochal Tsukuba), Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref., Japan
Number of participants 336
Official Website https://www.nims.go.jp/mana/2019/

Takayoshi Sasaki
Director of MANA, NIMS

Prof. Gero Decher
University of Strasbourg, France

Prof. Thomas Mallouk
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Prof. Yoshihiro Iwasa
University of Tokyo

Group Photo

Poster Award Winners

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