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TML Facilities are consist of these research achieved by NIMS.
We have been contributing both basic and applied physic researchs by providing our magnet technology.

Development of High-Field
NMR System over 1 GHz

Development and Application of
Solid-state NMR in High magnetic field

Novel superconductivity
in high magnetic fields

Structural control of materials through phase
transformations in high magnetic fields

Magnetic induced orientation of

Semiconductor Physics in Magnetic fields

Magneto-Spectroscopy in Semiconductors

Spectroscopic studies on self-assembled
organic nano structures

Superconducting properties of
MgB2 tapes and films

Development of Nb3 Conductors and Coils

Development of L10-FePt
perpendicular recording media

Study of field-induced phase transition by
high-field magnetization measurements