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Study of field-induced phase transition by high-field magnetization measurements

Hideaki Kitazawa
Neutron Scattering Group

Summary of study

The magnetic field is a very useful external field to directly operate the spin and the orbital moment of electrons in the condensed mater. Some novel phases, e.g. valence transition, metal-insulator transition or charge and spin orderings often emerge with high filed. The magnetization of material is one of the fundamental physical parameters to detect the induced magnetic transition. We are exploring the novel phases in high fields to develop the frontiers of physics.

Technical characteristic

Discovery of field-induced magnetic ordering phase in the Haldane system PbNi2V2O8

The Haldane system PbNi2V2O8 (S =1) was investigated by temperature-dependent magnetization measurements using the NIMS hybrid magnet. We discovered a novel field-induced magnetic ordering phase which is caused by the magnon Bose-Einstein condensation.

Observation of magnetization plateau in GdPd2Al3 caused by geometrical frustration

The magnetic Gd3+ ions form a triangular lattice in the basal plane of the ternary rare-earth intermetallic compound GdPd2Al3. The high-field magnetization experiments using the NIMS hybrid magnet revealed that magnetization plateau is caused by the geometrical frustration.