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Development of High-Field NMR System over 1 GHz

Tsukasa Kiyoshi, Toshihisa Asano, Shinji Matsumoto
Magnet Development Group


Higher fields enable us to measure important quadrupole nuclei such as 17 O and are strongly requested by NMR users. However, a persistent-mode operation with high-Tc superconductors (HTS) cannot satisfy the required field stability. In the course of the project, we will develop a highly stabilized power supply, field-compensation methods, and measurement techniques that allow a certain field fluctuation. By integrating them, the feasibility of HTS to NMR will be demonstrated. In the final step of the project, the replacement of the innermost coil of the existing 920 MHz NMR magnet at the TML is scheduled. The targeting field is 24.7 T (1.05 GHz). This project is supported by SENTAN, JST.

Technical Characteristic