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Development of L10-FePt perpendicular recording media

Yukiko Takahashi
Magnetic Materials Unit


L10-FePt has been received much attention as ultra high areal density recording media due to its high magnetocrystalline anisotropy. In the recording media, ferromagnetic particles of few nm are dispersed in the non-magnetic matrix. To apply L10 ordered FePt to the recording media, the nano granular structure with a few nm size FePt particle, the narrow size distribution and c-axis texture on the glass substrate should be realized. We make FePt nano-granular film by the sputtering method and study the relationship between the microstructure and the magnetic properties of the film to develop the perpendicular FePt recording media.


Microstructure of FePt-C granular film

Magnetization curve of FePt-C granular film

Technical characteristic

C-axis oriented granular film fabrication on the amorphous substrate
C-axis oriented L10-FePt can be realized on any substrate by depositing MgO buffer layer.

Nano-particles with high degree of order
L10-FePt nano-particles with high degree of order are made on the heated substrate by sputtering under the condition of the slow deposition rate.