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Development and Application of Solid-state NMR in High magnetic field

Tadashi Shimizu, Masataka Tansho, Atsushi Goto, Kenjiro Hashi, Shinobu Ohki
High Field NMR Group


Our mission is developments of innovative NMR instruments especially taking advantage of high magnetic field (including 930 MHz and 40 T class hybrid magnet installed in NIMS), and expanding the horizon of NMR application by high field NMR to problems beyond the capacity of traditional NMR. Our goal is offering nanoscopic evidence by high field NMR to lead developments of innovative materials.

930MHz NMR Magnet and NMR Laboratory

Technical Characteristic

NMR has an advantage of investigation for structural analysis in amorphous materials. 90% elements are NMR active, but only H and C have been available so far. 75% of NMR active nuclei are quadrupolar (the reds in the periodic table), for which only high field can make NMR possible. The right panel shows how the higher field improves better NMR at quadrupolar nuclei.