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Nanotechnology Platform Proposals (Application Overview)

From July 2012, the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) has been commisioned to manage the support project "Nanotechnology Platform" by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Japan. Here at the NIMS Synchrotron X-ray Station at SPring-8, we invite researchers under the project, "Microstructure Characterization Platform."

♦ Concerning the usage fee, please see here.

Application Overview

Complete all procedures according to the BL15XU Office deadlines indicated in red.

Proposal Submission

  1. Scientific discussions with the beamline staff.
  2. Read, understand and agree to comply with the BL15XU Rules and Regulations.
  3. Submission of research proposal
  [ 2020A: Friday, December 13th noon, 2019 (JST) ]
  1. Acknowledge your scheduled beamtime
  [ 2020A: late February or early March ]
♦ Successful applicants shall proceed to the following applications.

SPring-8 Proposal Submission

  1. User registration
  2. Submission of SPring-8 research proposal
     [ 2020A: February 3th noon, 2020 (JST) ]
  1. Submission of SPring-8 Radiation Worker Registration Form
    [ 2 weeks before your visit to SPring-8 ]
♦ You can only proceed to the following applications after your proposal has passed the SPring-8 Safety Measures.

SPring-8 Facility Applications

  1. Changing Project Team Members
     [ 2 weeks before your visit to SPring-8 ]
  1. Application for SPring-8 Facilities
     [ 2 weeks before your visit to SPring-8 ]
  1. Submission of List of Samples, Reagents etc.
     [ 2 weeks before your visit to SPring-8 ]
  1. Submission of List of Carry-In Items
     [ 2 weeks before your visit to SPring-8 ]
♦ BL15XU Office will inform you the procedures upon arrival after the above applications are completed.

Procedures upon arrival

  1. Procedures upon arrival 

Experiment Reports

  1. Submission of SPring-8 Experiment Summary Report
      [ 50 days after the concerning term ends ]
  1. Submission of Report of Research Results in Nanoplatform Project and questionnaire response
      [ Notified respectively ]
  1. Publication of Research Results
      [ 3 years after the concerning term ends ]

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