Nanotechnology Platform Proposals (Application Overview)

15. Publication of Research Results

AT SPring-8, research results must be disseminated within three years after the end of the concerning research term.
To be regarded to have disseminated your results, the following three types of publication are valid.

  • Original articles
  • Conference proceedings (refereed)
  • Doctoral dissertations

[Publication Deadline] 
  • Research Term A: the end of September after three-years
  • Research Term B: the end of March after three-years
ResearchTerm Publication Deadline
2016A September 30, 2019
2016B March 31, 2020
2017A September 30, 2020
2017B March 31, 2021
2018A September 30, 2021
2018B March 31, 2022
2019A September 30, 2022
  1. All relevant proposal numbers must be specified in the publication.
  2. Please register the published work in the SPring-8 Publication Database.

Aside from the above mentioned types of publications, please notify the BL15XU Office before you disseminate your research results in any of the following ways. Please also register them in the SPring-8 Publication Database.

  • Non-refereed conference proceedings
  • Review articles
  • Books
  • Invited talks at conferences
  • Oral presentation at conferences
  • Poster presentation at conferences
  • Patents
  • Press publications
  • Awards


Upon publication of research results through the use of BL15XU, please specify that the results were collected at the NIMS beamline, BL15XU of SPring-8. Please also state that the work was supported by the Nanotechnology Platform (project No. 12024046).

Sample Acknowledgments
  • The authors would like to thank the staffs of BL15XU, NIMS, and SPring-8 for their help at the beamline.
  • The %%% measurements were performed under the approval of the NIMS Beamline Station (Proposal No. 2013A4###).
  • (A part of) This work was supported by NIMS microstructural characterization platform as a program of "Nanotechnology Platform" (project No. 12024046) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT), Japan.
[note] %%% is for XRD , XRF, HX-PES etc., 2013A4### is the proposal number.

Please use the following statements if necessary.
For XPS experiments
  • The authors are grateful to Dr. M. Arita, Prof. K. Shimada, and Prof. H. Namatame of HiSOR, Hiroshima Univ. and Dr. Y. Takeda and Dr. Y. Saitoh of JAEA/SPring-8 for their contribution in the construction of the HX-PES experimental station at BL15XU of SPring-8.
  •  The authors are grateful to HiSOR, Hiroshima Univ. and JAEA/SPring-8 for the development of HX-PES at BL15XU of SPring-8.

Advance Notification to the BL15XU Office

Please notify the BL15XU Office or your beamline contact staff before you publicize research results collected at BL15XU. As a collaborator, the beamline staff should peruse and agree to the publication.

Submission of Reprints/Abstracts

Please submit the paper reprints with page numbers indicated after publication and the conference abstracts before presentation to the BL15XU Office.

SPring-8 Online Registration of Publications

Please register all publications and presentations via the SPring-8 UI website.

For detailed instructions on how to register, see the SPring-8 UI webpage: How to Register Published Works.

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