Nanotechnology Platform Proposals (Application Overview)

3. Proposal submission

Download the format from below and prepare your research proposal.
Please submit your proposal to the beamline staff as an email attachment.

  • This application form consists of the following two parts:
    1. NIMS Microstructure Characterization Platform Facility Application Form
    2. NIMS BL15XU Proposal Application Form
  • The formats will be modified on every call. Please download and use the latest format from this website.
  • Please understand in advance that there may be cases in which we cannot allocate beatime depending on SPring-8 operating mode conditions and proposal application circumstances even when your proposal is adopted.
  • From April 21st, 2015, all users that will come to use the NIMS beamline must submit the Member List.
  • Any organization handling chemicals is obliged to perform risk assessment of chemicals due to the Japanese new regulation effective June 1, 2016. The Chemicals used in the proposed experiments also must be assessed by the persons/organizations in charge of the experiments. Project leaders have to report the results of the risk assessment, and the reports will be referred in the safety reviews of proposed experiments. For further details, please visit the following web site.

[NOTE] Upon submission, please rename the file as described in the file name:
LastName_FirstName_[XRD_Thinfilm, XRD_Powder, XPS, AutoXPS or Others]. 

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